A Community of Growth

Personal and spiritual development go together, and spiritual growth is like the sprouting of a grain or the flowering of a plant that stretches its branches to maturity.

The passion for God and different spiritualities together with the love of helping people reach their spiritual goals, and improve their lives as a whole, has birthed a new online community.

Journey to Grow is a sacred place where Christians – and spiritual seekers alike – can journey and grow together, transcending themselves by partnering with and supporting one another. It transcends theology and religion and, at the same time, is truthful to the Christian spirituality.

It’s a simple, real, and relevant expression of faith––an awesome community of faith believers that witness daily miracles and are crazy about Jesus.

Meet Maricarmen

I'm a stubborn and adventurous free spirit who is passionate about life, people, and above all God. Since I was a kid, I've worked on my spirituality. I have an extremely theological mind and love sharing my spiritual beliefs in simple and relevant ways.



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The quality of your spiritual life determines the quality of your entire life.

I'm not kidding!!!