About Journey to Grow

Welcome to Journey to Grow!

Welcome, Friend! As stated on my home page, my goal is to connect you with God and God with you. You deserve the truth and the freedom that only your relationship with God can bring you. It is possible to be all that God created you to be and feel totally loved, accepted, and embraced. I’m talking about real life, real transformation. I am here to help you!

I have a passion for helping people find their Creator and their unique voice. I desire to provide value to your life and help you plan out how to get where you want and need to be. Your spiritual life is what allows you to gain your personal wholeness. 

Journey to Grow is about spiritual awareness. It is about finding the core of one’s existence, passions, and heart. It is all about finding the desired tuning of authenticity with our Creator. 

Since 1997 I have helped thousands of people––not only in the USA, but also in other places in the world. I now bring my expertise to the online world with the same vigor and enthusiasm. I have passionately developed products and programs that will surely continue to enrich and transform people’s lives.

Journey to Grow’s mission is to bring to the world’s attention the possibilities it can provide and popularize its products by featuring its services and knowledge on the subjects of spirituality, meditation, personal growth, success, motivation, awareness, creativity, learning, relaxation and de-stressing, and the healing of dysfunctional behaviors, in order to integrate mind, body, and soul.

This site is for those seeking real transformation and everlasting changes. It is all about …


I want to do good and awesome things…
I'm just not sure where to start.

Maybe you are just starting to be aware of your spiritual needs. Maybe you have tried a few spiritual disciplines but they didn't work the way you expected they would and you don’t know what to do.

Look, there is a promise for a better way of life. There is a better way of living and working that will actually get you results. There is a better and more effective way when you live your life in a different way––for the Christian it is Jesus’ way we are talking about. Jesus’ way will develop your character and the character of those around you. People who have followed His teachings are successful people. They have really improved their abilities of getting the results we all dream about. 

The problem is that most people don’t understand that a relationship with God doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with religiosity or good theology. It’s a lifestyle of a much better life and relationships. 

Once you finish answering the questions there, check out the Journey to Grow’s Warriors Course. This online course was designed to help you get into your own spiritual beliefs and bring out the true value they offer you.

If you want more help. I'm available for coaching to help you go deeper in your spiritual life and succeed at the spiritual disciplines.

I can help you make your faith real and relevant all the way.

If you want to work with me one-on-one, it is possible, but I would prefer to work with you in a small group because, not only is it time and cost effective, it is better as the group offers different voices and takes on any given matter.

If you want personalized support, check out my Coaching Program.