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Spiritual Coaching

Everyday is important, but today could be even more so. It is a day that could determine the quality of the rest of your life. I pray that it will be a day you will remember with great joy and gratitude. It could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It could culminate with the decision to fully invest in yourself and a better future not only for you but also for your family and friends. It is important because you are opening yourself to change and real transformation. Nothing is more cool than the day you decide to share your dreams and move on by a faith that is relevant and life-given––a faith that brings total freedom.

Journey to Grow Coaching Application begins with this Questionnaire. It will help us determine if we are a match, but also once that is in place it will help me tailor our coaching sessions well into your needs and interests. It will save us a lot of time and it will save you a lot of money!

Please set aside a time with minimum distractions and take a good and hard look at yourself and your life. Be open and honest as you answer this Questionnaire. Trust me, it will help you even if we don’t match which in that case, consider it a gift. You see, a lot of people who hire me as their spiritual and life coach say, “I don’t really know what prompt me to sign up for this program… I guess I needed the help and I ceased the opportunity. I’m tired of playing the Christianese game.”

To these dear friends I gently reply, “Yes, the truth is, we don’t know, but the Holy Spirit knows and has nudged you to sign up because God has an amazing plan and purpose for your life and God wants you to find it out. God has all the answers and desires to give them to you.”

Most of my Clients are surprised at how immediately they experience peace in hearing and tuning themselves to God. They feel a renewed sense of confidence which gives them hope when they know that they have been guided by the Spirit of God.

To begin our relationship together, I’m going to give you sentence-completion activities throughout this Questionnaire. When you complete these simple yet profound statements, you will help me understand you and your world a little better and enable the both of us to move forward more quickly. 

Please take this as a spiritual exercise and be open and honest with it. If at times the questions seem leading or assumptive, that’s because they are. I mean no offense to you. If what I am asking doesn’t directly apply to you, that’s fine, just answer the best way you can and with an open heart. 

Also, please understand that some of these questions may stir strong feelings and emotions, so give yourself time with the emotion/feeling and make note of it (we’ll address it during our coach sessions). Begin from a place of knowing that you are loved by God and you are in His arms and care. God will see you through it all!

Your Questionnaire will be kept confidential and never be shared or seen by anyone but me. God already knows about it. The purpose is to give you a little clarity about where you are and where you want to be. Once again, it will also give me the insight I need to help you.

Please trust the process and fill in the blanks. Believe God. Believe in yourself. Believe me. 

Now let’s get to work! 

Download the Questionaire and Agreement

–– Maricarmen